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Prostgraduate Program in Gastroenterology

Master's Degree

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Requirements for the Master's Degree


1. Requirements for Registration
1.1. The candidate must have a higher level, currently recognized and registered by the Ministry of Culture Education (MEC).
1.2. Curriculum vitae or curriculum Lattes (summaries)
1.3. Interview with the Program Coordinator
1.4. Summary of the Research Project
For candidates in the medical area:
1.5. The candidate must have 2 years of Residency in Clinical Medicine or Gastroenterology or Infectology or 2 years of Specialization in Gastroenterology; Or Specialist Degree by Specialty Medical Association.

2. Requirements for he Master's Degree
To obtain the Master's Degree, the student must, during the maximum period of 24 months. There may be an extension of this period, with the justification of the advisor and approval of CEPG, up to the maximum defined by CPGPq, after which the student can be retired.
2.1. Obtain 25 (twenty five) credits, which will be awarded by CEPG for participation in courses, scientific meetings, didactic-professional activities, assistance and extension. The credits obtained in these activities must have the explicit approval of the advisor. The hours of teaching and care activities should be defined by the advisor, as well as the number of credits assigned to them;
2.2. Comply with the obligatory disciplines of the Program; And compulsory classes for all post-graduates;
2.3. Present the thesis within the standards established by the Course and demonstrate its ability to systematize the knowledge and use of the
Methods and techniques of scientific and technological research;
2.4. Write work on the thesis, forwarding it for publication in an indexed journal;
The defense of Master's thesis, even with the obtaining of the totality of credits, does not exempt the student from the activities assigned to him.


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Requirements for the Master's Degree


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